MAIN FEATUREBlock molding machines with Vaccum1.The machine adopts PLC and touch screen for controlling the mould opening, mould closing, material feeding, temperature keeping, vacuum cooling, de-moulding and ejecting;
2.The machine adopts high-efficient vacuum system and condensate device to improve moulding speed and reduce the moisture content. Vacuum supported machine is very sufficient for making high-density and thick blocks;
3.The machine adopts horizontally sliding mould opening and closing with advantages of safe and reliable operation, convenient mould locking gap, ensuring tightness and no leakage of the machine;
4.The machine is welded from high-quality profile steel, through heat treatment, ensuring high strength of the machine without deformation, and possibility of bearing the expansion force of the high-Density block;
5.The mould cavity surface is coated with Teflon, ensuring easy de-mould and good finish of the block.Note: Block conveying line and electronic weighing scale for the machine is optional.


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